A list of past articles, tips and tricks…

Below are a list of older articles, projects and tips/tricks on CodeProject and CodePlex ranging from ASP.Net to SSIS and some DAL work:

RSS/XML Data-Binding to Data Control with Row Limitations

  • This code will use an RSS feed as a data source for a DataGrid control. Instead of displaying all rows in the feed, row-limiting code is also used.

Keyword Matching RSS Reader Control

  • Using RSS feeds on web pages is a good way of creating dynamic content, which search engines love. The more your page changes, the more it gets crawled, and can affect your page rank.

GeoLocation by Radius Using Google Maps and .NET

  • A few years back, I helped to integrate a company’s database of national sales stores/locations with a third-party website. We’ve all seen these “find the nearest store” locator-type pages.

Performing Data Merge and Audit with SSIS

  • This article details with how to perform audits on merging data – checking for duplicates, and adding other validation rules, using SSIS. This method is much more efficient than writing validation code in VB or C#.

C# ViewState Management/Storage – Four Locations!

  • From an SEO standpoint, page size matters, as well as the location of text on your page. When creating a site with VS .Net, we end up with a ViewState variable, which in some cases, can take up a whole lot of space near the top of the page. This could, in fact, dilute the contents’ importance on a given web page. In terms of page size, some search engines only cache the first 120kb of data.

Generic Queryable Data Repository

SubSonic ORM v2.3 with SQL Server 2008 TVP Support

  • This project contains the modified base code of the SubSonic v2.3 ORM, originally written by Rob Conery, that now supports SQL Server 2008 TVP’s (table valued parameters). This modification allows you to generate your full DAL, access and manipulate data in an object-oriented fashion, and most-importantly, now gives you the ability to pass large chunks of data to your stored procedures, in the form of DataTables, rather than bulk inserts.